Simple CSV Localization

This package allows you to use CSV files for your game localization. This
script also works with an in-game switch system. This localization script is
developer-friendly. You can add more languages on LocalizationManager object
and add CSV files to Resources/Localization/YourLanguage folder.

1. Create a folder named “Localization” in Resources folder.

2. If you want to add English translation, you need to create “English” folder
into Localization folder. You need to use exact same name as language (not
EN, ENG etc.)

3. Create translation.csv file into English folder. You can copy paste
translation.csv file that we created.

4. Add English language to languages list in LocalizationManager object.

5. If you want to localize a text component, add LocalizedTextComponent to a
Text UI component object and add code that you wrote in translation.csv